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A Solid Minor Suit

You are the opener. You start with 1D. Partner responds 1NT. RHO (right hand opponent) overcalls 2S. You?

Scroll down for Gino's suggestion and explanation


Gino's Suggestion and Explanation

You should rebid 3NT!

The partnership does not hold 25 HCP. However, your hand consists of 8 quick tricks and a stopper in opponent's bid suit, spades. The chances to make 3NT are great. When you hold a solid minor suit - a quick tricks hand - you should always consider bidding 3NT.

When bidding NT never worry about suits unbid by the opponents such as hearts or clubs. Hope that partner holds a stopper in these suits or that the opponents would not attack these suits. Experience shows that most of the time opponents will attack the suits they have bid.

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