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Bid and Play 6NT

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

1. West is the dealer. Bid the E/W hands.

2. West is the declarer in 6NT with a heart lead:

2.1 Which suit should West play in trick 2? Why?

2.2 How should West handle diamonds? What can go wrong? How can West solve the problem?

Scroll down for a solution and/or explanations


Gino's suggestion and explanation

1. 2NT-6NT

2.1 Play Spades to force out the SA.

2.2 Declarer must play 1 or 2 top diamonds:

  • If both opponents follow, the jack will drop.

  • If North does not follow, South holds the Jxxx(x). Enter East to make a marked finesse against South's DJ.

  • If South does not follow, the contract is doomed. Do not worry about it. You bid well but caught an unlucky break.

The whole deal:

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