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Bid and Play Challenge

A. North opens the bidding. Bid the N/S hands.

B. In 3NT East leads the S10. Dummy covers with the SJ and West plays the SQ. How should you play in trick 1,2,3 (the defense continues spades).

Scroll down for Gino's suggestions


Gino's Suggestions



Responder should not show the minor suit when advancing a NT opening with a game-going strength hand. Show the minor only at the part score level as a drop dead bid OR exploring for a slam.


Declarer should duck spades 2 times. Refusing to win with the SA will damage the defense' transportation in spades. Declarer wins the SA in the third round.

Then declarer must force out the DA using the D10, the top card in the short side to avoid a block in diamonds. Declarer hopes that the player holding the DA has no spades remaining to play, or that the spade suit divides 4-4, in which case the defense has no more than 4 tricks.

Finally declarer will use the HQ as an entry for the winners in Diamonds.

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