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The Best Hand Becomes the Dummy

If you can, deal this hand and play it with friends.

My suggested auction:

East's Bidding

East opens 2C based on playing strength. With only 18 HCP, East evaluates10-11 winners and/or 2.5 losers when playing in the correct strain, diamonds.

In game forcing (GF) situations, making a jump rebid simply determining the strain for the partnership (establishing the trump suit), indicating a self sufficient trump suit . East great strength depends on diamonds being the trump suit. With a normal diamond suit hand East would simply rebid 3D as a forcing bid. For example:





By rebidding 4D, East forces partner to play in diamonds showing a special diamond suit hand. Finally East recognizes partner's 5D bid as a discouraging bid toward slam.

Note that even when holding a fit, a spade suit contract is not attractive for declarer with a club lead.

West's Bidding

West holds a rare distribution of 6-5, with only 4 HCP. After making a wating bid of 2D, partner's 4D rebid devalues West's hand a misfit with not a lot of HCP. West's rebid of 5D is almost a sign off, indicating the worst hand (but also accepting that diamonds should be the trump suit and that the partnership is forced through 5D). West trusts partner's bidding.

Note: Expert partnerships play that rebidding a new suit in this situation (after 4D), shows a side suit control exploring a slam in diamonds.

The Auction

3 of the 4 bids are artificial. Put yourself in E/W shoes needing to bid your VOID as your first choice in the auction! :) Actually poor West bids and rebids his/her void in diamonds, finally becoming the declarer in a diamond contract!

The Dummy

East becomes the dummy in a diamond contract! Defenders will have a special experience seeing this hand as DUMMY!

The Play

Due to the drop of the diamond queen, eliminating that loser, diamonds will make 13 tricks without a heart lead: declarer wins 8 diamonds and 5 spades. Note that in spades, declarer will play carefully making the marked finesse against the SJ -after noting the distribution in the suit when North does not follow in the second round.

The Defense

When East is declarer, the HK is well guarded in the 4th seat of the first trick. South's best opening lead is the HA. Declarer will make the rest. Would you lead the HA from South's hand? Or would you try the CA? :) :)

But in this auction, West becomes the declarer. The HK is not protected in the second seat, the dummy. North can start hearts finessing against the HK. N/S wins the first 2 tricks!

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