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Minor Suit Slam Auction

North is Dealer. How would you bid N/S hands when playing 2/1? E/W are silent.

Scroll down for Gino's suggestion and explanation


Gino's Suggestion and Explanation






2C: Holding a 4-card diamond suit, responder could also choose to support via the Inverted Minors convention.

2NT: IN 2/1, opener's rebid of 2NT shows a balanced distribution. Bid 'strain before strength' principle dictates that opener does not show strength yet and may hold either 12-14 HCP or 18-19 HCP.

4D: Slam invitation in diamonds. Bypassing the 3NT contract responder makes an aggressive slam invitation to diamond slam with only 15 HCP. However, all the HCP are working (aces, or the clubs QJ which is a source of tricks suit).

4H: Agreeing slam in diamonds and showing a heart control

4S: Showing a spade control.

4NT: Opener assumes captaincy by asking RKCB. Remember that opener has never showed any extras beyond 12-14 HCP.

5D: 0 or 3

6NT: A key card is missing but that should be it. The partnership should have a good chance of making 6NT which is an important gambit playing matchpoints. In IMPS 6D should be the safe bid. Holding 33 HCP should allow 6NT a good chance to make.

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