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Partnership Bidding to 7H

This interesting deal where E/W can easily make 7H (or 7NT) came during a special bridge training camp for Israeli youth national teams in preparation for the European championships. The suggested auction is explained in Israeli bridge style and conventions which are only slightly different than the American or the CDB bridge standard.

Explanations of the bids

2NT opening: In Israel, the style a 2NT opening varies and usually may contain up to 22 HCP. Nevertheless, we have discussed with the youngsters that West holding a 5-card suit and top of the HCP range may upgrade to a 2♣ opening and a 2NT rebid.

4♦: using the Texas transfer convention, East establishes the trump suit for the partnership (hearts). This bid is used to play in game or rebid RKCB 4NT (Roman Key Card Blackwood).

4NT: Texas transfer followed by 4NT is the RKCB convention where the trump suit is the major, hearts.

5♣: 0314 KC is the standard response for RKCB in Israel

5NT: Asking for kings, and a grand slam invitation. The responder East may only use this question bid towards a grand slam when holding ALL the Keycards including the trump queen is guaranteed. A 4NT RKCB bid followed by 5NT always indicates the will to further explore a grand slam, thus promising all the important key cards.

7♥: a surprising response(!). We have discussed the advantages/disadvantages of conventions to show quantity (6♥) vs. specific kings (6♣). BUT when bidding a grand slam, I gave the youngsters the most important rule: one needs to be able to count until 13…. West is able to count 13 winners: 1 spade, 6 hears, 3 diamonds, 2 clubs - which are 12…and the 5th club as an expected length winner make 13. The opener does not have to respond for kings, but trust partner to hold the hand he/she showed, count 13 winners, and make a decision to bid the grand slam!


A truly exciting hand showing the importance of trust between partners when using complex conventions, aiming to be precise…. bidding a grand slam!

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