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Play 1NT in Matchpoints

You are the declarer in 1NT. North leads the S2

1. Playing Matchpoints, should you try for overtricks or cash your winners?

2. Which extra winner can you establish?

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Gino's Comments

  1. In this hand, you should try for the overtrick. This simple auction and opening lead are very likely to be duplicated in other tables, so a potential overtrick counts a lot when playing Matchpoints. Since you have 8 top winners, you do risk losing 6 tricks. However, holding a full stopper in hearts and a partial stopper in clubs, this scenario of losing 6 tricks is far fetched.

  2. You can establish dummy's S8 for 9 winners. By the opening lead, North is known to hold 4 spades. First play the S9 from your hand, ducking from the dummy. North wins and will probably switch to hearts. You win the heart switch. In spades, after the 9, 10, K and Q/J were played, the SA8 in the dummy are a sure finesse position against North's only remaining honor, the SQ/J.

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