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Bid and Play 4S

1. How would you bid the E/W hands? N/S does not interfere. You and partner play Bergen Raises and Jacoby 2NT.

2. You are West. You become the declarer in 4S. North leads the H5. You win with the HA in the dummy. How should you proceed? Play the first 4 tricks.

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Gino's suggestion and explanation

1. The recommended auction playing Jacoby 2NT convention:


3D, 3S (or 3NT)-4S


2NT: Jacoby 2NT, showing a 4+ card spade fit and game going values (12+ HCP).

3D, 3S (or 3NT): Opener West holds extras in HCP and in distribution, and should make a slam going rebid. The partnership has determined both the strain (spades) and the level (at least game) of the contract by using the Jacoby 2NT convention. Next, any non-4S rebid (fast arrival) shows extras in HCP or in distribution. The partnership may agree to play that a rebid of a new suit (i.e. 3D) shows shortness in that suit. A rebid of 3S (slow arrival) or even 3NT are forcing and show extras in HCP, suggesting a slam.

4S: Responder holds minimum HCP and should rebid 4S, offering to play game.

Pass: Opener has showed slam interest, but responder is not cooperating. The partnership settles in game.

2. Declarer's plan is to eliminate a heart loser and make 11 tricks in 4S. Declarer should plan to use the dummy's DK winner in order to discard a heart loser from hand. First declarer draws trump (1 or 2 rounds). Next declarer must unblock the DA. Finally declarer must cross to dummy in hearts or spades to play the DK. Winning the DK is as important as the discard that declarer makes from hand. Declarer must discard a heart and not a club. Declarer should realize that discarding a club would not eliminate any loser in that suit. The 3rd club could be ruffed in the dummy.

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