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Defend Against 4H

A bridge hand

You are West, the defender against 4♥. Partner leads the ♠Q. Plan your defense.

Scroll down for the full hand, a suggestion/solution and/or explanation


The Entire Deal

Gino's Suggestion and a Short Explanation

Overtake partner's ♠Q with the ♠A. Switch to the ♦J.

Visualize the location of the ♠K by trusting the partnership's opening leads methods. Partner's ♠Q is the top of sequence, denying the ♠K. Declarer must hold the ♠K. Realize that you cannot capture the ♠K. By the look of the dummy, showing a spade doubleton, realize that your side has only 1 spade winner. Do not continue spades. Why switch to diamonds? Examine the dummy. Label hearts and clubs as 'their suits,' to avoid playing yourself. Label diamonds as 'your suit' to play. Try to establish winner(s) after forcing out the ace. Yu lead the jack, the top of a sequence in an untouched suit, similarly to your opening lead methods. Note that E/W must quickly establish a diamond winner, capturing North's ♦Q.

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