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Opener's Rebid of the Major Suit in 2/1

A bridge hand

West is the dealer. Bid the E/W hands.

Scroll down for the full hand, a suggestion/solution and/or explanation


Gino's Suggestion and a Short Explanation

Discuss with partner whether in 2/1 opener's rebid of the opening major suit shows 6+ cards or possibly 5 cards as a default bid.

Option A - Rebid of spades shows 6+ cards




Option A is simple. E/W finds the 6-2 spades fit immediately, as the 2S rebid guarantees 6+ cards.

Option B - Rebid of spades does not necessarily show 6+ cards





This advanced option (B) complicates things. The partnership finds the 6-2 spades fit when responder makes a preference 3♠ bid, showing a doubleton (having denied 3 cards). Note in option B opener's rebid of 3♥ showing a heart stopper (third suit bid), asking for a diamond stopper. In option B, opener could also rebid spades again, now showing 6+ cards.

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