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Partnership Bidding in 2/1

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

A bridge hand

East is the dealer. Bid the E/W hands. Should you splinter?

Scroll down for the full hand, a suggestion/solution and/or explanation


Gino's Suggestion and a Short Explanation





Responder's 4♣ is splinter, showing shortness in clubs and a heart fit. Responder would splinter directly if he/she held 4+ hearts. Note that with real clubs, responder could rebid 3♣ as a forcing bid. No need to jump in game forcing auctions. The splinter bid helps the opener who holds 2-3 losers in clubs and no wasted values. Opener then takes control by bidding RKCB.

Note: The partnership could bid the slam without using splinter. However, the splinter - if recognizable by partner - simplifies the hand evaluation.

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