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Splinter in Competitive Auction

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

A bridge hand

South is the dealer. West bids hearts. Bid the N/S hands. Can you Splinter?

Scroll down for the full hand, a suggestion/solution and/or explanation


Gino's Suggestion and a Short Explanation

1♣ - (2♥) - 4♥ – (Pass)

6♣ - All pass

To simplify the auction, North should prefer showing a club fit over bidding diamonds. North holds a powerful hand (HCP and distribution). Just supporting is not sufficient to show strength. Responding a cue bid directly shows a fit and invitational+ values.

With a heart void and a slam invitational hand, North should prefer a jump cue bid, which shows a splinter! After the Splinter, South's decision to bid slam is straight forward holding extras in HCP and distribution.

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