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The Weak Jump Overcall

A bridge hand

East is the dealer. The auction:

First round: East opens 1♣. South overcalls 1♥. West doubles (negative double). North bids 2♦. Second round: East rebids 2♠. South rebids 3♥. All pass

3♥ goes down -3 for -300.

What are South’s 2 main mistakes?

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Gino's Suggestion and a Short Explanation

South's main mistake is overcalling 1♥. South should have used a weak jump overcall in the first round (2♥).

Once South decided to overcall 1♥, he/she does not hold sufficient playing strength to compete to 3♥. Initially making the correct bid of 2♥ would advertise HCP and distribution, preventing any difficult decision later in the auction.

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